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Why does this site exists?

Probably because there is not so many sites in i2p.

How to start receiving hosts from here?

Add http://isitup.i2p/hosts.txt or http://isitup.i2p/alive-hosts.txt to your subscription list.

You can also subscribe by b32 address:

  • http://xk6ypey2az23vtdkitjxvanlshztmjs2ekd6sp77m4obszf6ocfq.b32.i2p/hosts.txt

  • http://xk6ypey2az23vtdkitjxvanlshztmjs2ekd6sp77m4obszf6ocfq.b32.i2p/alive-hosts.txt

What's the difference between hosts.txt and alive-hosts.txt

hosts.txt contains every domain we know.

alive-hosts.txt contains domains that were up at last check.

How often domains are checked?

Every 24 hours.

Your service is shit! I just checked site by myself and it works!

This service is cannot guarantee 100% accuracy when checking another sites.

I have an idea/site problems how can i contact you?


Domain registration

  • Domain name registration is free.
  • Anyone can register a domain name.
  • Domain names are available on a 'first come, first serve' basis.
  • Once you register domain, you cannot change it.
  • After 256 failed checks domain will be freed for new registration

How does working sites work?

  • Shows all hosts that were up at least once for last 14 days.
  • After 14 days of downtime domain stops showing at working sites, but will be checked anyways.
  • If site starts responding to checks, then it will be shown on this list again.
  • After 256 failed checks domain will be removed from hosts.txt

Why 256 checks?

256 days of downtime is enough to say that host will most likely not return back online. And not to forget that any successful (i.e. daily/API/web) check resets error counter on host. That way you can start your i2p router once in 255 days and keep your domain (but, please, don't do that).